My gardening escapedes

I live in an independent rented bungalow. I dapple in gardening to achieve peace of mind.  This is an update so far so that I can make fresh updates .

Winter of 2009

I just went and got some seedlings from the nurseries and here are some of the flowers I had at least for the brief winter period brightening up my small garden patch

The petunias, vincas and dianthus flowered through to summer and lasted really really long. I love the coloured vincas. One thing I have found about Vincas is that moist soggy soil is no no . They thrive in poorer soil with ample sunlight and adds such colour to the garden. But buying annual plants is a costly affair and I would much rather prefer to spend the money on seeds.

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4 Responses to My gardening escapedes

  1. geekgardener says:

    You are right about buying them as seeds. By the time we buy the plants they are already in their flowering stage and after couple of weeks, they start fading away.

    This time I got some petunia, Pansy and vinca seeds. Let me try sowing them too


  2. Arun Kumar Shanker says:


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