Monsoon magic

The year 2009 was a drought year in the country. But this year its been raining and raining and raining. The monsoon arrived on time and though my period in this house is numbered I could not resist the gardening urge. I always buy seeds from all places I visit and I have accumulated quite a few packets that are more than an year old. I planted the okra and coimbatore namakathirikkai (brinjal) seeds . The okra germination was very poor and I could only get a total of around six plants from the whole packet.  Brinjal, I planted only 10 cups. I used paper cups for the seed starting. Six of them are thriving. In additon  I got  the following seeds from Indam online. They were very prompt in sending me the seeds and even added a good cap in the dispatch .  I like their payment mode better compared to biocarve seeds (Planstman seeds). There were four categories  summer rainy, winter rainy all year  and winter. I had a little set back due to damping off and dog damage (of all the things).

  1. Marigold hybrid vaniila – 60 per cent germination (Rs 50 for 10 seeds). I have two growing making them Rs 25 each
  2. Hybrid Zinnia Dreamland mix – 100 per cent germination but lost quite a few to damping off.  Rs 50 down the drain
  3. Coleus rainbow mix – my greatest disappointment; only two of the twenty five seeds germinated.  (Rs 35 for 25 seeds)
  4. Brinjal  Supriya Hybrid . 90 % germination
  5. Coriander multi cut – 100 % germination
  6. Bittergourd  hybrid Rs 25

The cost of the seeds are quite high for the number of seeds  and when even there is one less germinating they should add overages for this. My bitter gourd plants are really looking healthy though I find that in rainy season even seeds from fruits bought at the market grow well and yield well. Otherwise I am happily waiting for the fruits of labour especially for the white marigold to flower.

PS: Unfortunately two dogs who think my house is their abode toppled my seed pans kept on the staircase to avoid direct rain. I lost more of the precious plants. But one lesson I learnt is from the one and only uprooted and de-rooted Zinnia seedling . I just planted it anyway and surprise surprise – it is still surviving and flourishing. So I have left a coleus plant that should cost me Rs 35. (How crazy can I be; should have collected cuttings from various sources).

So guys lessons to be learnt from my experiment

  • Plant those precious seeds costing Rs 50 two at a time.
  • Don’t top water seedlings. It caused the damping off in Zinnia.
  • Well don’t buy coleus – collecting cuttings over time may yield a better mix.

Did I learn from my mistakes? Heck No!!! There I have gone and done it again. I have ordered a batch of seeds from biocarve and waiting for them.

The two survivors of vanilla marigold

The lone zinnia that survived through uprooting

Bye for now


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5 Responses to Monsoon magic

  1. geekgardener says:

    Hi Chitra,
    INDAM seeds are little expensive and they pack too little seeds for the money they collect. Any specific thing about the payment modes in those sites you liked/disliked?

    Growing coleus from seeds can be little challenging. Taking cuttings is the easiest/quickest way but not all the times we get cuttings of our choice isn’t it?. The zinnia plant looks healthy and I think it will keep you happy.

    I am sure you will have more success with your next batch of seeds.

    good luck

  2. chisha says:

    Hi GG
    I was more comfortable with Indam online payment coz they have more options . But with Biocarve formerly plantsman I had a little problem. I wrote to them and got their account number. I then transferred money online. After payment both were prompt in sending me the seeds. Oh what comfort to shop from home.

  3. chisha says:

    To add to that yes its true they pack too little seeds for too high a cost. Coleus cuttings are so easy to root but I wanted the whole mix so that I can get them ready for my new house. I went ahead and purchased a number of local flower seed packets as well. Will post soon on its progress

  4. Geekgardener says:

    How is your garden coming along? Any updates?

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